Bizagi Studio

Bizagi Studio 10.6.1

Bizagi Studio for faster process automation. Powerful and easy-to-use.

BPM Suite for faster process automation. Powerful and easy-to-use.

Take the second step of your BPM journey with Bizagi Studio. This enterprise level automation software turns your process maps into real, running applications without programming – and like Bizagi Modeler, it’s completely free.

Key features and benefits of Bizagi Studio:

• The process IS the application - Turn your process into a web application and adapt it instantly. Minimal coding required and all in-line with the latest web standards.

• Get fast results - Bizagi's Data Layer promotes reuse, so you can quickly and cost-effectively share business objects across processes and projects.

• Low-code approach – Drag and drop your attributes into any one of Bizagi Studio’s auto-generated forms.

• Flexible business rules - Manage and share your business policies and rules across many BPM projects. Make changes easily and implement instantly.

• Easy to integrate – Bizagi Studio’s inbuilt wizard makes it easy to link Bizagi BPMS data with your IT assets using our powerful SOA-based engine. From SAP to Documentum, SharePoint to Outlook, connect to processes without programming.

Bizagi Studio


Bizagi Studio 10.6.1